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fuck the vote and happy December!

try and live to see 2013


This is a travel blog again


Got some new toys to photo with, so this will hopefully be the last crappy phone flick for the trip…


Propagandhi – ‘Failed States’ (album stream) –


Dark Time Sunshine – ANX (fake four inc.)

album of the year, the new Propagandhi, that will be out in september


may day to total black out day, in about 30 photos…

mayday was fun, havn’t marched in one for 3 years, thanks to the constant may 2nd-4th final presentations…

Jerusalem must be the only fucking city in the world, that can take a great form of public transportation, and turn it into a total clusterfuck of urban evil!


final project, hommie that’s the recipe!

bad fucking morning

jumping a month ahead, due to a whole month of lifeless final project schoolwork, SEND IN THE CLOWNS (the presentations…)

st. Marlin

aaaand sleep!

now sit back and watch the drunkenness escalating

Fast Forward post

6 moths in one gulp (and one more coming soon)



so… this guy drew on me…

this guy tried to, and failed miserably

did ALOT of this shit…

mean while at the workplace that fucking sent me on the rides
ummm… yeah…

come visit beautiful HAIFA!

we have postcards!

this girl drew on me too…

i’ve created a monster!!! (again…)

and a fasion blog! (

well actually i have nothing to do with the creation of the blog, but i’ll take credit on just about anything

like this bucket

and this table

but even Hitler still couldn’t make it to the presentations…

Ramat Gan city council are a bunch of fucking idiots

orange! (although i still like the old one better…)

massimiliano fuksas’ peres peace center (what Muslim graveyard?)

talking Be’er sheva @ the AA active matter presentations

best part of the building

actual Be’er Sheva (well, the uni. dorms…)

bad memories coming back from the hell that was the Tel Aviv uni. dorms

but this one looks way better!

and you don’t see Beer Sheva from it!

caught these couple of fuckers painting

and these couple artsing

art art art

did i mention already?

people went fucking nuts when they saw themselves, the rest enjoyed a nice game of match the face at the reception

the gallery was fucking weird though

found Waldo!

and the Bday girl

found out that in Soviet Reggaestan, photo finds you…

more Bday girls

and I’ll leave you with this horrifying image i was stuck with for 10 minutes, while trying to see The Hives live on the Coachella stream…

don’t we all wish we where there…

on the next episode of “photos with captions” protests, models, laser cutters, drunk people, shit talking about Jerusalem, piles of drugs and more!

2012, on a personal note

didn’t do all the sum ups i wanted, found them to be nothing more then me glorifying my observations on my not so interesting life, for 2012 i rather try to be open about what i see feel and how i read whats going on (or just post photos of thing…) the more you publish, the less there is to become gossip #blog_based



after going too far with most of my substance abuse, mainly caffeine, but also some red lines where crossed during this hellish and wonderful month, I’ve cut off all the “drugs” for a while to try and reset my brain, and see what i need, what i like, and what is just taken out of boredom…

while i have for this time no problem with any drug i have stopped using, as i said, caffeine has taken over my life (and leg, thanks dave @ kipod tattoos). in december found myself drinking 4-7 cups a day, being awake for days and loosing the ability to fall asleep or get up at will (two things i was never good at anyway). since i have stopped (a week) I’ve been sleeping a minimum of 12 hours a day, while dreaming fucked up realistic dreams, which sometimes i find out only a while later didn’t actually happen,(Herman Cain not re-running for the republican party under a fake name, and the church of Scientology not being outlawed worldwide…) and the fantasies are weirder then ever (sexual deviance and suicide at the life of cartoon mice anyone?). that is the sleeping time, the awake hours aren’t easier in any way, the mind keeps drifting around with nothing on, and motivation for doing shit is slim to none.

due to the fact that 2012 was announced ( by December drunky me) as the year of the hustling and determined goals, i think you all see my dilemma… is the clarity promised by sober living not there for me, or do i need more time to try and find it? can caffeine be as much a liar as other drugs are, or do i just need that extra boost to make my mind keep up with itself and filter the paranoid fantasies abit better?

and now… some new year’s pictures, oh my god, that was an amazing, love filled, fun and somewhat uncomfortably cozy night and day! thanks BFC YBC and KOF TEVET for the production, and to all the friends who made this evening such a success despite the police being fucking assholes!



happy new year, LETS MAKE IT OURS, AFTER 2011 WE KNOW WE CAN!